Sno-King Kirkland Academy, Bridge and Aspire Programs: 

Mission: The U.S. Figure Skating Aspire Program provides a solid foundation in figure skating through the development of athleticism and artistry, empowering skaters to be successful on and off the ice. Through figure skating, you will learn:

• An appreciation for an active lifestyle

• To develop self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-reliance by mastering and performing skating skills

• To develop short-term and long-term, goals

• To develop social skills

• Managing success and disappointment

• Fair play and sportsmanship

  • Monday Adult Dance
  • $15
  • Payable to Instructor
  • Monday, Adult Dance 9:45am 

    18+ All Levels 

    On-Line reservation for session

  • Thursday Adult Edge
  • $15
  • Payable to Instructor
  • Thursday, Adult Edge 10:15am 

    18+ All Levels 

    On-Line reservation for session


These programs are for those that have achieved a level of skill enabling them to maneuver on the ice without physical assistance.  Please talk to your child about social distancing. 

We take the health and safety of our employees as well as members and customers in our arena’s very seriously. If anyone in your family is experiencing a cough, running nose or, fever please stay home!   

Please allow adequate time for check-in.  People will be allowed to enter the building one at a time (or one family at a time).  When a line is formed outside to await entry, social distancing will apply.  There will be lines on the ground designating a six-foot distance.   “Everything will take more time”

  • Only one parent or guardian can accompany their child and assist with lacing skates etc.
  • When possible, we encourage skaters to arrive with skates on.  This will require skate guards to protect their blades.
  • To keep everyone safe, we strongly encourage parent or guardian to leave the building during class time. There is one parent/guardian allowed in the building with children under the age of 18. If you must stay in the building, you can watch from the bleachers while maintaining social distancing. 
  • Sno-King is taking additional precautions, including extensive cleaning and sanitation at designated times throughout the facility.
  • Everyone entering the building must be wearing a mask. Masks can only be removed while skating and must be put back on before leaving the ice. 
  • Social distancing guidelines must always be followed on and off the ice.
  • Everyone must arrive for check-in 20-25 minutes before their scheduled class. 
    • Allowing time for temperature check, room assignment, skates laced and class preparation. 
    • Your instructor will meet you at the start of class and take you to the ice.

We recommend that you have/use your personal skates.  If you would like to schedule an appointment for skate fitting and purchase, contact Jerrod at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Rentals will be available if needed.  There is no additional fee for rental skates.
  • Wear long thin socks that cover your ankles fully, warm jacket, mittens or gloves, and helmets are always recommended. 
    • Skates should fit like a glove with wiggle room in the toe box.  Laces should be pulled tightly permitting room for ankle bend.
  • Each skater will be limited to one small bag marked with their name to carry skates and incidentals. Once Skates are on, the bag will be placed in a designated area during class and will be packed out when exiting.  
  • Skaters will be asked to exit the facility 5 minutes after their session has ended.

               One-way traffic flow within the facility, entering the ice, and exiting the ice and building.