Q. How can I support my child?

A. Be on time and prepared for the lessons. Have them dressed in layers that allow for movement. Always remember gloves or mittens. Safety helmets are strongly encouraged for beginners.

Support all your child’s efforts regardless of the result (Figure skating is a very difficult sport which requires patience, perseverance, and dedication.

*We encourage parents to Observe, Wait and Listen. Allow your instructor to do the teaching. Multiple voices can be detrimental to your child’s ability to excel.

Viewing areas for parents and spectators during Learn to Skate sessions include the bleachers and the warm room located at the southwest end of the rink. We request that parents do not enter the hockey and penalty boxes.

Q. How fast will I progress through the basic skills class levels?

A. It generally takes more than one class series to meet class level requirements. Feedback will be given on evaluation day.

Q. If my child will not stop talking about ice skating, does this mean I should push them more?

A. Your child will tell you when they are ready and want to skate more. It is important that it remains fun. You can encourage them to practice and be positive.

Q. My child wants to play hockey. At what level should we transition into hockey skates and Sno-King Hockey programming?

A. Your child can transition into hockey skates when they feel they are ready. Contact Jenn in regard to our Beginners program at any time beginners@snokinghockey.com www.snokinghockey.com

Q. Would it benefit my child to purchase skates?

If your child is interested skating more; it would serve them to own their own equipment.

Fit is very important. You can get more information and purchase figure skates by contacting Jerrod at jerrod@arcticfeet.com

Q. My child would like to skate more. How much should my child practice? When can we practice?

A. Practice and commitment are the keys to success. Some options would be to add a second Learn to Skate class or a private-semiprivate lesson. We recommend for every lesson a skater should practice 1-2 times. You can practice on all scheduled public sessions. If you are a member of KSC Learn to Skate USA, you are eligible to skate on Freestyle sessions. Freestyle sessions www.snokingkirkland.com

Membership www.kingsgateskatingclub.org

Q. When should I hire a coach and which coach is right for my child?

A. You can hire a coach for supplemental or regular private/semiprivate lessons at any time. Some things you may want to look for in a coach are personality, teaching style, experience, and background. Your coach will also be able to provide you with detailed information regarding further programming.

Our coaches and their contact information are listed on our figure skating page.

Q. Do you have additional programs for adults interesting in furthering their skating skills?

A. Yes! We pride ourselves in our adult programming and currently have several programs catering to the adult skater. For more information, visit our figure skating page.

Q. What is the Bridge and Aspire Program?

A. The Bridge Program is for students that have passed Basic 4, Aspire is for those that have passed Basic 6. Bridge and Aspire classes focus on more advanced edge technique, jumps and spins. Included in the Bridge/Aspire classes is Off-Ice training, which introduces the skater to skills learned Off-Ice. In addition, it serves as a transition for those that are interested in performing, testing and or competing.

Q. My child is talking about competition and performing. How do I get my child into competition?

A. As the skater advances, it is our goal to provide more detailed information to you and your child about our In-House competitions, performance opportunities and Kingsgate Skating Club.

Feel free to talk to your class instructor or contact the skating director with specific questions.